This project deals with the fundamentals of complex systems. The Masters course from which the project emerged focused on designing abstract structures with elements, functions, connections and interaction rules. It consisted of three successive phases focusing on exploration, analysis, development and realization of systems. I worked with patterns and with subsystems. In subsystems, system elements are systems in themselves.
Subsync is a series of animations designed to show that a lot of variety can be created with the same system. The system is based on element a, where the size of the elements decreases in proportion to the distance from the center. Element b uses an inverse system: Here the elements get bigger the further they are from the center. In addition, some animations add rotation, where element a rotates clockwise and element b rotates counterclockwise. To extend the animation series, I animated several variations of each element, representing different types of pulsations that can be combined with each other.
In order to achieve a consistent design language and a coherent overall visual image, I limited my work to three main colors: #AFEEFF (light blue), #6001FF (purple), and #FF0071 (magenta). In addition to the color animations, I also created black and white versions. This allows for different visual images through seemingly new shapes created by the overlapping and same colored background and foreground layers. Another important aspect in the design of the animations is the transparency of the elements. Especially for the animations without rotation, I worked with different levels of transparency to make the two types of elements and their interaction more visible. The backgrounds of the animations are either black or white.