This is a team project as part of an interdisciplinary initiative with architecture students from Bremen University of Applied Sciences. The project focuses on the east of Bremen, in particular the district of Hemelingen and its five neighbourhoods. The aim is to increase the area's attractiveness and develop solutions to existing problems. A 'productive landscape' has developed in the east of Bremen with social, political and environmental problems that challenge the entire region. Hemelingen is the second most populous district in Bremen and is characterised by its diversity in terms of industry, nature, water and historical significance. "Hi Hemelingen!" aims to encourage residents and visitors to identify with the area so that they can continue to work towards creating a community worth living in and loving.
I was responsible for: Concept, Visual Identity, User Research, UX and UI Design, Corporate Design, Project Management
Team: Marvin-Tim Pientka, Safia Schuchmann und Christina Schulte​​​​​​​
Publication: PAGE online (January 2024)
In Hemelingen, there is a distinct lack of sense of belonging to the neighbourhood and little initiative to improve it. The neighbourhood suffers from a bad reputation and its special places and cultural assets have been forgotten. Another challenge is that residents often feel unrecognised.
A primary goal is to draw attention to the district of Hemelingen in order to change the existing negative image. The strengths and potential of the district are to be emphasised through targeted measures in order to convey a positive image. Another aim is to show the residents of Hemelingen that their concerns are taken seriously and that people are interested in them. An overarching goal is to promote a sense of togetherness in Hemelingen. This cohesion should not only strengthen the social fabric, but also serve as an engine for positive change and development in the Hemelingen neighbourhood.
2 PROJECT​​​​​​​
"Hi Hemelingen!" is a three-stage project. The primary aim is to draw people's attention to Hemelingen and its special places. The project aims to reconnect people with the area and create a long-term bond towards the neighbourhood. In addition, the individual qualities of the places are to be strengthened through specific architectural interventions. The overall aim is to increase the positive perception of Hemelingen in all its facets. Creating recognisable features should enhance a common "we-feeling" in order to allow the people of Hemelingen to grow into a social unit. The designed visual identity should reflect Hemelingen in all its facets.
2.1 Raising awareness
The first phase is about getting people's attention, making them aware that Hemelingen exists and reminding residents that they are part of Hemelingen.
The special places in Hemelingen have been identified through our analysis and interviews with local people. The pictograms are based on the visual characteristics of the places, so that the places are displayed in the pictograms. The pictograms are colour coded and grouped into superordinate clusters for quick and easy classification. The pictogram system can be expanded and modified.
The logo reflects the diversity of Hemelingen. The expandable icon system means that the logo is dynamic and adaptable to future challenges and changes. The logo should not only become a recognisable feature of Hemelingen regionally, but also draw attention to Bremen's second largest district and its potential across Bremen and beyond.
In order to create a link between the visual identity and the locations in Hemelingen, 3D posters were developed, which not only serve as an interface for the learning of the icons, but also as an orientation guide.
A QR code was also integrated to meet the current needs of a population that is often on the move and short on time. This digital component provides an additional level of information regardless of location.
Try the Hi-Fi prototype here: Hi Hemelingen! Prototype​​​​​​​
2.2 Guidance​​​​​​​
The destinations in Hemelingen are spread throughout the district. To a certain extent, the places can be found independently. There are various aids to navigation, such as arches, signposts and the recurring logo. These will help the people to find even the hidden places.
In order to achieve the goal of creating a long-term bond between Hemelingen and its people, the focus is on strengthening the special places and their individual qualities. One key objective is to increase the length of stay for visitors. This will be achieved through specific architectural interventions. By creating distinctive features, places become eye-catchers that attract the interest of visitors. However, it is not only the short-term effect that is important, but also the long-term benefits. The aim is for people to return to these places more often and spend more time in Hemelingen.
The project was featured in the "Outer_Space" exhibition at the Bremer Zentrum für Baukultur in August 2023.
Visit the website of the City University of Applied Sciences​​​​​​​ Bremen or the website of the Bremer Zentrum für Baukultur for more information.